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These main resources found here will provide you with all of the tools and information necessary in order to successfully teach with the VEX Cortex Robotics, either with VEX CORTEX or VEX IQ.

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Robot Virtual Worlds

No robot? No problem! Robot Virtual Worlds is a high-end simulation environment that enables students, without robots, to learn programming.

rvw_mainRobot Virtual Worlds

Robot Virtual Worlds

The VEX Cortex and VEX IQ competition simulation environments. Through a collaboration with the REC Foundation and Robomatter Incorporated. Robomatter models the VEX and VEX IQ competitions each year.  You can find the current VEX Competition and VEX IQ Competition simulation at their respective links and legacy competitions at the Robot Virtual Worlds download center.

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 Additional Level Packs

VEX Highrise

Download and play the newest VEX IQ Challenge – VEX Highrise

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VEX Skyrise

Download and play the newest VEX Challenge – VEX Skyrise

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Engineering Videos

Teachers will find videos that teach about: Engineering Process, Project Planning, Flowcharts, Iterative Design, and Atlantis, a Calculated Deep Sea Adventure.

The Engineering Process

A great introductory video that introduces students to the iterative nature of engineering.

Flow Charts

This video introduces students to flowcharts and the decision making process that robots use to think.

Iterative Programming

This video teaches students how break their robot’s program into small parts and iteratively test them.

Project Planning

Introduces students to how to plan a project.

Expedition Atlantis

Watch a video that shows a Virtual Worlds that requires the use of Math to complete the missions.

Engineering PDFs (Handouts)

There are PDFs in the project management section of the VEX Cortex Video Trainer that cover: Keeping and Engineering Journal, Team Building, Problem Solving, Time Management, Design Reviews and more. The PDFs below are designed to accompany the VEX Cortex Video Trainer and teach design and engineering.

Building Instructions / Additional Resources

Here are building instruction guides for VEX Cortex and VEX PIC.

Other VEX-based Models



img_testbedVEX PIC Testbed

VEX Inventors Guide

This Inventor’s Guide is provided as part of the Vex Starter Kit as a tool to help you get started using your robot. Depending on how much experience you have had with robotics in the past, you will find different parts of this manual to be most useful.

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