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Teacher training brought to your location!

The Robotics Academy’s qualified trainers can come to your site and offer classes for groups of teachers from September through May. The Robotics Academy is not typically available to train during the summer.

Benefits of training at your location

  • Training tailored to your time availability and needs
  • Invite participants to grow your staff’s skills
  • Get trained using your own equipment for familiarity
  • Save on travel costs for your own staff
  • Opportunity to join follow-up online training
  • Opportunity to obtain instructor certification


Cost for training begins at $2000/day plus all travel expenses. We typically want one trainer per 12 participants. If you have more participants, you will need to contact us so that we can figure out the best setup for your needs.


To train at your facility, we will need equipment to ensure a successful training. Equipment may include:

  • Computers or laptops for every participant
  • Robot kits for the participants (if applicable). We recommend one robot kit per two participants
  • Adequate space for running the robots / challenges
  • Materials such as books, electrical tape, and binders to create challenges
  • Internet connection / Wi-Fi
  • Projector

Training typically runs for 7-8 hours a day depending on available time or needs.

How do I request for training at my location?

Please send an email to to discuss your school’s training needs.

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