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Amplify your programming skills for VEX competitions!

This year, the CS-STEM Summer of Learning CS-STEM Summer of Learning will help you learn how to program your VEX robots using ROBOTC Graphical! You will learn skills like: Robot Math (Program movements with more accuracy!) Autonomous Movement Programming Sensors Repeating behaviors Autonomous Decision making The skills you learn in the CS-STEM …

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CS2N: Pushing Forward Automated Assessments in the Classroom

Robotics Academy researchers have developed innovative technologies to motivate and assess students. These technologies enable teachers to spend more time helping and motivating students and less time assessing them. The research team is in the process of completing a total upgrade to CS2N and is looking for test classrooms. These …

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Pittsburgh Area – May Madness 2017 Info!

We are excited to announce the Sarah Heinz House May Madness event for 2017! This year’s event will take place Saturday, May 13th at the Sarah Heinz House in Pittsburgh, PA. To sign up or for more info, visit the Sarah Heinz House’s May Madness page!    

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Summer Teacher Trainings are Filling Up Quickly!

Our on-site (in Pittsburgh, PA) and online Summer Professional Development classes for VEX CORTEX, VEX IQ, and LEGO MINDSTORMS are filling up quickly. Register today to make sure you get into your preferred course (listed below!) Highlights of the Robotics Academy Training: Acquire new skills with technology and new ways to …

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Introducing Students to Text-Based Robot Programming

The first time that you introduce students to text based robot programming can be overwhelming for novice programmers. When they look at the code they see different colored words that they may or may not understand. The words are grouped in ways that initially have no rhyme or reason. The …

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FREE ROBOTC Programming Help for VEX EDR Competition Teams

Update: First class starts on November 15th, 6pm-8pm Hi folks, we know that there are many teams that are new to programming the VEX EDR systems. There are also teams that have programmed their robots in the past, but now are having issues solving one part of their programming problem. …

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Online Professional Development Courses Start this February!

Online Professional Development Courses Start this February! We are excited to announce our latest online training schedule! Classes start in February and you can enjoy the convenience of taking Robotics Academy courses without leaving your own computer workstation! Register for a class here! Benefits of Robotics Academy Online Training Courses: …

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VEX CORTEX Trainer: Competition Programming

The latest chapter within the VEX CORTEX Video Trainer Curriculum is now available … Competition Programming! Located in the Engineering Section, this chapter includes lessons designed to help students prepare their programs for a VEX Competition. Some of the lessons you’ll learn within this chapter includes: Creating a Competition Legal Program with the …

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VEX CORTEX Trainer: Gyro Sensor Chapter Now Available!

We are excited to share our latest chapter available within our VEX CORTEX Video Trainer Curriculum … Gyro Sensor! Located in the Sensing section, this chapter will allow you to to turn the robot by measurements of degrees. Some of the lessons you’ll learn within this chapter includes: How the Gyro Sensor …

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Fall 2015 Online Teacher Training Schedule!

We are excited to announce our Fall online training schedule that starts in September! The Robotics Academy is a world leader in robotics education and trains teacher internationally. Enjoy the convenience of taking Robotics Academy courses without leaving your own computer workstation. Robotics Academy online training includes: – Online access to supplemental lessons from …

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