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FULL COVERAGE – Scores, Rankings, Photos and more… On Saturday, December 5, the Pittsburgh State FLL tournament was held here at the National Robotics Engineering Center. Titled ‘Smart Moves’, the event featured scores of teams, each equipped with a custom-designed NXT LEGO cheap cialis online MINDSTORMS Robot (or two), and …

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Robotics STEM lesson design on the cover of “The Technology Teacher” journal

ITEA’s flagship publication, The Technology Teacher, has published an article on designing technology lessons that teach mathematics. Written in collaboration with our partners Eli Silk and Dr. Christian Schunn at the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center, the article Designing Technology Activities that Teach Mathematics is an insightful …

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VEXnet Upgrade Support

VEXnet is an 802.11 WiF Buy cialis soft online i replacement for the crystal-based communication system between the VEX Microcontroller and Radio Control Transmitter. The VEXnet Upgrade enables users to convert existing Microcontrollers and Transmitters to the VEXnet communication system. Additional VEXnet features include: Easy to connect cheap generic viagra …

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Introduction to Embedded Systems

We all know that Robotics can be used to teach topics such as STEM. Electronics is the foundation to any robot. Due to the advancement in technology, electronic devices can now contain hundreds of small integrated circuits. This project, called "Introduction to Embedded Systems", is created to help students understand the different parts of a circuit.

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New Robotics Academy Blog is up

Greetings from the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy. We're hoping to supply you with a steady stream of useful robotics education information, from updates on cool new hardware and software, to upcoming robotics-related events and announcements. With curriculum in several thousand schools worldwide, and hundreds of teachers training both online …

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Use the motivational effects of robotics to excite students about science and technology.

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