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Introducing Students to Text-Based Robot Programming

The first time that you introduce students to text based robot programming can be overwhelming for novice programmers. When they look at the code they see different colored words that they may or may not understand. The words are grouped in ways that initially have no rhyme or reason. The …

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FREE ROBOTC Programming Help for VEX EDR Competition Teams

Update: First class starts on November 15th, 6pm-8pm Hi folks, we know that there are many teams that are new to programming the VEX EDR systems. There are also teams that have programmed their robots in the past, but now are having issues solving one part of their programming problem. …

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Botline: Summer Teacher Trainings are Filling Up Quickly!

Our on-site (in Pittsburgh, PA) and online Summer Professional Development classes for VEX CORTEX, VEX IQ, and LEGO MINDSTORMS are filling up quickly. Register today to make sure you get into your preferred course (listed below!) Highlights of the Robotics Academy Training: Acquire new skills with technology and new ways to …

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A Teacher’s POV: RVW VEX IQ Beltway

Jason McKenna, from the Hopewell Area School District outside of Pittsburgh, PA, writes about his experience in the classroom with the new Robot Virtual World game, VEX IQ Beltway!

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A Teacher’s POV: First Year Teaching Automation and Robotics

In our latest Teacher’s POV post, Ross Hartley wrote a wonderful post about his first semester teaching Automation and Robotics in the Pickerington Local School District.

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Asia-Pacific Robotic Championships 2014

Terry Sy, a robotics teachers who completed ROBOTC training at one of our Professional Development classes, shares his latest robotics competition adventure with us from the 2014 Asia-Pacific Robotic Championships. Read about it below ...

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Visit us at the PLTW Summit 2014!

We are at the 2014 PLTW Summit in Indianapolis this week! Stop by our booth to say hi!

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Virtual NXT 2.1.0 Update!

We are happy to announce another big update to the Virtual NXT, bringing it to version 2.1.0! This update fixes compatibility issues with the Move blocks in the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 programming language. The Move Steering and Move Tank blocks both work as expected. We’ve also created a new resource …

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Sensor Section Available Now in our ROBOTC EV3 Curriculum!

The ROBOTC team is proud to announce the completion of the Sensing section of the Introduction to Programming EV3 Curriculum!

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Recent Article about ROBOTC in China Daily Europe!

China Daily Europe recently interviewed Terry Sy, executive director of China ROBOTC, about robotics education. Check out the article here!

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