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  • Learn how to calculate more precise movements!

    Free Robot Math Game that doesn’t require installation

    December 14,2017 / Announcements Blog Botlines Educators STEM / 0 Comments

    Do your kids guess and check their way through robot math problems? In order to help teachers solve this problem, the Robotics Academy developed the FREE Expedition Atlantis Game. The Expedition Atlantis game has proven to significantly improved kids ability to mathematize their robot programming solutions, but some teachers noted that the game posed several problems in their classrooms: The game needs to be installed on school computers and that posed an issue for some teachers. The...

  • BoulderMath_Banner.212611

    Introducing: Boulder Math!

    Boulder Math is a new CS-STEM Network activity that is played right inside of the browser! This can be used to gauge student competencies with proportional reasoning before beginning the Movement Badge. There are 5 challenges in the game that test the student’s ability to reason through distance challenges given a wheel rotation distance. We welcome your feedback! Boulder Math Features: Difficulty setting that introduces increasingly higher precision decimals. Progress tracking...

  • VEXCompetitions_EmailHeader

    FREE VEX Webinars to learn ROBOTC programming!

    ***UPDATED DAY/TIME FOR VEX IQ WEBINARS: VEX IQ Ringmaster Webinars will begin Fridays at 9am!***   Starting in late October we will be offering FREE ROBOTC webinars to help you learn how to program your solution for the VEX Virtual Competitions. Live instructors will guide you on topics such as: Setting up your CS2N account Getting started with Robot Virtual Worlds and ROBOTC Debugging your code How to score points in the virtual competition And more! Can't...

  • onlinetraining fall

    Robotics Academy Fall VEX Online Training starts soon!

    Robotics Academy FALL VEX Online Training Starts Soon! See what people are saying about our trainings: "GREAT WORKSHOP! You guys were very well prepared and professional! Would recommend highly to anyone!" "The training has greatly helped me and given me more confidence to teach and relate to the subject. I am now even more excited by the whole field of robotics. Thank you."   Fall online training starts in about a month! Register for our VEX classes today and enjoy the...

  • summeroflearning_vex

    Amplify your programming skills for VEX competitions!

    June 09,2017 / Blog Botlines Competitions VEX / 0 Comments

    This year, the CS-STEM Summer of Learning CS-STEM Summer of Learning will help you learn how to program your VEX robots using ROBOTC Graphical! You will learn skills like: Robot Math (Program movements with more accuracy!) Autonomous Movement Programming Sensors Repeating behaviors Autonomous Decision making The skills you learn in the CS-STEM Summer of Learning will help boost your ability to program your VEX robots. You will have the opportunity to learn how to program...

  • cssol

    The CS-STEM Network's 2017 Summer of Learning is coming!

    June 01,2017 / Blog Botlines / 0 Comments

    Earn a Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Certification this summer! Beginning June 19th, a camp instructor will guide you through learning concepts like Robot Math, Introductory Programming, Movement, Using Sensors, Loops, and Programming a Remote Control! Both teachers and students can benefit from going through this course. Can’t make the live sessions? That’s okay! We will record all sessions and post them so that you can watch them and follow at your own pace! New features for...

  • Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.37.41 PM

    CS2N: Pushing Forward Automated Assessments in the Classroom

    Robotics Academy researchers have developed innovative technologies to motivate and assess students. These technologies enable teachers to spend more time helping and motivating students and less time assessing them. The research team is in the process of completing a total upgrade to CS2N and is looking for test classrooms. These new assessment tools are designed to collect student data, analyze it, and help educators and parents to assess what a student or child knows. These changes are...

  • ban_eduProDev

    Summer Teacher Trainings are Filling Up Quickly!

    Our on-site (in Pittsburgh, PA) and online Summer Professional Development classes for VEX CORTEX, VEX IQ, and LEGO MINDSTORMS are filling up quickly. Register today to make sure you get into your preferred course (listed below!) Highlights of the Robotics Academy Training: Acquire new skills with technology and new ways to teach STEM with robotics using innovative pedagogy! No Prior Experience with Robotics or Programming required! Hands-On Experience with 36 Contact Hours! Learn...

  • img_free_prgmHelp

    FREE ROBOTC Programming Help for VEX EDR Competition Teams

    October 28,2016 / Blog Botlines CS2N Education Educators VEX Virtual Worlds / 0 Comments

    Update: First class starts on November 15th, 6pm-8pm Hi folks, we know that there are many teams that are new to programming the VEX EDR systems. There are also teams that have programmed their robots in the past, but now are having issues solving one part of their programming problem. Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy is offering free training and help for this year’s VEX Starstruck robotics competition teams. Help will be offered through live WebEx classes where programmer can ask...

  • Deep Sea Robotics Competition from the Museum of Fiction

    October 27,2016 / Blog Botlines Competitions / 0 Comments

    The Museum of Science Fiction is hosting a robotics competition. Take a look at the details below: Oceanographer Paul Snelgrove said, "We know more about the surface of the moon and Mars than we do about the bottom of the ocean." The mysterious dark depths of the sea have been the object of speculation for science fiction authors since at least when Jules Verne wrote "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" in 1870. Today, thanks to technological advances in many areas, humans are beginning to...

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