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The Robotics Summer of Learning is Back!

SOL Coming Soon

We are proud to announce the return of our Robotics Summer of Learning program! This summer, students have the opportunity to learn how to program robots, earn a programming certificate and badges, and play with cool software for FREE! We will provide all of the software and training materials at no cost to you or your students.  The course will consist of three modules: movement, sensing, and program flow and will be taught using the Robot Virtual World software.

The Robotics Summer of Learning starts June 15th, register here and we’ll send you a reminder when it opens up!

2 Responses on The Robotics Summer of Learning is Back!"

  1. Branden Hazlet says:

    What a great opportunity, thank you for offering this to the students…hope the student response is huge!

  2. Laura Tucker says:

    Please could you let me know if the robotics summer of learning is happening in 2016? I am interested for my boys aged 11 and 13. Many thanks

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