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FTC Bowled-Over and VEX Gateway Challenge Virtual Gameboards

The new FTC Bowled Over Virtual Gameboard has been edited allowing the

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placement of robots in four different start positions. The ROBOTC development team has also fixed the physics problem found in the first build.  The VEX Gateway challenge

now has four start positions and allows teams to test their programs with the gate up or the gate down. Download a copy of the Robot Virtual World at to learn how Robot Virtual Worlds work click here:

Check it out.  It is cool.  Robots are configured with encoders, sonar, touch, light, and compass sensors.  You can build robot behaviors in the virtual world and test them.  The behaviors will need to be tweaked when you actually transfer them to the robot but you will have a large

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advantage by being able to begin you robot path planning.  The ROBOTC team is taking team suggestions on robot configuration at the ROBOTC Forum

Here is a quick video that shows the FTC Bowled Over Challenge –

[youtube loXNBjkkTxE]

 Here is a quick video that shows the VEX Gateway Challenge –

[youtube 7DAPwUcSdvs]

September 17, 2011

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