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FIRST LEGO League 2010 Coaches Training

FLL 2009
FLL 2009

One again, the Robotics Academy will hold training sessions for coaches and mentors of First Lego League teams at the National Robotics Engineering Center at 10 40th Street in the Lawrenceville section of the city.

The first session, for new coaches and mentors only will be held on Tuesday, September 14 from 6:00 pm until about 7:30 pm.  This session will review the role of the coach and how to build team solidarity.  We will cover areas such as ‘How to prepare for a tournament’ and give you an idea of a

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time line for your team.  There will be a short tour of the NREC facility so that there will be no surprises for you or your team on the day of the tournament.  Powerpoint slideshows on robot building and use of sensors will be shown.

The second session is designed for all coaches and mentors.  There will be two days of training, both presenting the same program.  These sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 21 and 22, from 6:00 pm until about 7:30 pm, also at the NREC.  During these sessions, we will review the challenges and rules for this year’s competition.  We will have a competition board set up and will answer any questions you may have.

If you are planning on attending any of the sessions, please register with Norm Kerman, Education Coordinator at the Robotics Academy at  If you have any questions, he may be reached by phone at 412/681-8673.

August 13, 2010

5 Responses on FIRST LEGO League 2010 Coaches Training"

  1. Marie says:

    Any chance these will be a video of these sessions that we will be able to watch on-line?

  2. Ralph Isaacs says:

    I also would like to view video of these training sessions. I am on Long Island it’s too far to travel.

  3. Vu Nguyen says:

    Unfortunately, these sessions are very site specific to the Pittsburgh location. The reason for this is because during the “New Coaches” training we go over things like give a tour of the NREC (and the parking areas).

    For the “all coaches” training, we go over the missions and rules and have a little Q&A session where we usually send out the unanswered questions to the local coache.s

    If there are any specific questions you have then we can try to answer them.

  4. Greg Schubert says:

    HI Vu, I knew someone at UVA in 1991 with your same name. Any chance that is you?

    • Vu Nguyen says:

      Hey Greg!

      My name is actually a VERY popular name believe it or not! I actually get that a lot. But alas, I’m not the same Vu that went to UVA. At that time I would have been about 7 years old :) Although it would be neat to be in college at that age.

      Anyway, thanks for the message!

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